Taking seasonal ag products from commodity to value-add

For farmers prepping for harvest, consumable parts—from chopper blades to paddle tines—are seen as a necessary commodity. But not all are created equal. During a particularly tough season, Case IH needed to prove the value of higher-quality OEM parts—and the service and support that comes with them.

Shift perceptions around harvest parts—from commodity to value-add/competitive edge; educate targets about the benefits of harvest prep/OEM parts; drive traffic to online part store

Previous retail campaigns mostly pushed product and special promotions—with little focus on brand story or education. For this campaign, we shifted our approach—delivering a concept that empowered farmers during a less-than-ideal growing season with a rallying cry: “Bring it on.” This umbrella messaging covered multiple digital tactics, from paid social to email to content.

Facebook carousel ads and emails presented a compelling case for high-quality harvest parts to help combat timely challenges brough on by a particularly wet planting and growing season.

An ebook—promoted via dynamic Facebook ads and available through a landing page—provided tips for “taking back your harvest”.

1.65% CTR on Facebook ads

We smashed benchmarks—more than doubling the CTR of previous seasonal campaigns

287k video views

With a 59% completion rate

Strong social engagement

451 ebook downloads and ~800 social reactions, shares and comments