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Even after 125+ years, HEIDENHAIN is still on the forefront of precision motion control technology. The company’s story—one of tireless engineering and record-breaking accomplishments—begged to be told. But to paint a vivid, resonant picture, we had to first understand the audience who would be listening.


Armed with new research, we identified the sweet spot between HEIDENHAIN’s value story and the psychology of its prospects—engineers in fields ranging from biomedical to alternative energy. The resulting campaign applauds their unique character—and aligns HEIDENHAIN with the same ingenuity, creativity and passion. Supporting content touts HEIDENHAIN’s partnerships with engineers behind some of the world’s most astonishing mechanical accomplishments.



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I was extremely impressed with how self-sufficient [LoSasso] is. Their staff includes experts in every aspect of the business … literally a ‘one stop shop.’ Their team invested so much time and effort with the HEIDENHAIN team in an effort to get to know us.

Tom Wyatt, Marketing Manager, HEIDENHAIN

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