Content attracts, nurtures and sells RVs

Awareness and engagement are typically the goals of top-funnel content programs. But Jayco, a leading RV manufacturer, and its agency, LoSasso, thought our content could work harder—attracting new prospects and nurturing them all the way to the dealership. When we began, the brand had limited presence in important digital channels—and needed help getting in front of the right prospects, with the right message, at the right time.

Increase awareness and engagement with Jayco content; increase the online conversion rate (form submissions, video views, brochure views, etc.); increase the online close rate of by 1%

Our ambitious content plan included gated ebooks, blogs and interactive tools—plus a robust paid media plan to promote them; each piece answered the needs/interests of a specific stage of the RV buyer’s journey. Gated content acted as lead bait; supplementary content (delivered via tailored email nurture streams and Facebook ad retargeting) pushed prospects further down the funnel.

12.4% of content leads ultimately purchased an RV.

High-value content promoted through digital channels (bottom left and top right), attracted top funnel prospects.

Nurture stream emails and interest-specific retargeting ads nurtured prospects toward purchase.

The Jayco Journal,’s blog, serves as a content repository to house all high-value gated content and blogs.

4,799 RV sales

Nearly 5k sales were attributable to our content program over the course of 24 months.

23,615 leads

Over the first 18 months of the campaign, we generated thousands of qualified leads.

$5.5MM ROI

After crunching the numbers, our program delivered substantial ROI.