Scott LoSasso


Scott, our fearless leader, says he likes to surround himself with people who are smarter than him—but that’s just the humility talking. Scott’s business acumen and knack for marketing strategy have been the guiding light for our agency since 1989. He keeps our agency constantly evolving and focused on building long-term relationships with clients and employees.

Raised in the trenches of this business, Scott’s done everything from copywriting and media buying to account service and coffee making. Roots in direct marketing make him laser-focused on performance and measurement—and perfectly suited for marketing’s digital evolution. And while he still enjoys getting his hands dirty in strategy and directional sessions, Scott spends most of his time away from the day-to-day to focus on our overall agency vision and direction.

When he isn’t hard at work, he’s having fun with his three boys and wife. He and his wife are active supporters of education, involved in expanding the campus and launching a scholarship program at Rogers Park Montessori School. They also helped to start Beacon Academy, a Montessori-based high school in Evanston that is becoming a recognized model for modern education.

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