Mark Hollingsworth


Mark’s a LoSassin to the core—but he also knows what it’s like on the other side. Formerly Vice President of Marketing at Sparkling Spring Water Company, Mark was one of LoSasso’s first clients, leading the company’s direct response and retail marketing initiatives. This gives him a killer combination of cutting-edge agency insight and operations-minded instinct. It’s an analytic, sales-focused approach that pays big for our clients—boosting ROI and revenue.

As COO at LoSasso, Mark’s unwavering focus on our agency P.A.C.T. steers us all toward a more effective—and happier—workplace. Outside the office, Mark knows how to kick back—as an avid soccer spectator (and formerly avid player). You might also find him hitting the trails or spinning his wheels (on a bike, that is). When it comes to travel, Mark has been known to combine adventure and altruism—volunteering abroad with his wife and three kids.

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