Dimo Raychev

Director of Digital Technology

The digital marketing boom has taken our industry—and Dimo’s department—by storm. Good thing he’s impossibly cool under pressure. As the LoSasso Web team quickly expands, so does Dimo’s knowledge of the latest programming, UX, design and analytics trends. And while the constant evolution of his field might exhaust some, Dimo relishes the challenge—guiding his team toward more effective websites, apps, digital media and measurement tools. These days, Dimo focuses mostly on high-level strategy and planning, but he still loves digging into the day-to-day and cracking the code on complex challenges.

When he isn’t basking in the glow of a computer screen, he’s cooking for his friends and family. In fact, he often reminisces about his college days as a restaurant manager and wonders what life as a chef might be like. But we’re pretty glad he’s devising our recipe for digital success instead.

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