Alexander Frueh

March 2, 2020 9:21 pm Published by

From uncovering new marketing insights to trying a new advertising tool, Alex is always finding unexpected ways to fulfill our clients’ goals. As LoSasso’s Digital Marketing Specialist, Alex works to... Read More »

Shreya Reddy

March 2, 2020 9:21 pm Published by

Shreya is always up for a new adventure or challenge. It’s one of the many reasons why she’s an all-star digital marketing analyst. From uncovering the latest trends and cutting-edge... Read More »

Claire Martin

March 2, 2020 9:20 pm Published by

Claire is the type of go-getter you want on your team. She’s curious and empathetic and knows how to navigate the social media realm like a pro. Traits that are... Read More »

Sarah Thaler

March 2, 2020 9:14 pm Published by

The only constant in the world of marketing is change, and no one knows that better than Sarah Thaler. Determined to deliver quality results for clients, Sarah never backs down... Read More »

Marco Ameli

March 2, 2020 9:13 pm Published by

When it comes to giving the people what they want, Marco’s your man. With a passion for working with a variety of people with diverse mindsets, this content-savvy marketer has... Read More »

Rob Grozdanovic

March 2, 2020 9:13 pm Published by

Developing something he can call his own, guiding a front- or back-end Web project from design documents to full functionality, is what keeps Robert going every day. He approaches his... Read More »