LoSasso helps HEIDENHAIN tackle content organization and enhanced UX

Published June 14, 2016 7:57 pm by Jada Cash
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For decades, HEIDENHAIN has worked hand-in-hand with engineers toward unimaginable precision measurement and motion control—playing a part in everything from remote microsurgery to space exploration. The brand’s longtime U.S. site, however, didn’t fully represent this forward thinking—and lacked prospect-centric messaging and calls to action. What’s more, despite a plethora of valuable technical articles and impressive customer case studies, site content was largely buried and hard to find. LoSasso stepped in to help concept, design, write and program a new site.

Challenge: Update the HEIDENHAIN.us site to better communicate the company’s message—and better align with its sophisticated technology

Starting with a WordPress framework, we first identified a way to organize—and highlight—hundreds of existing pages of technical, blog-worthy content. These long-buried newsletter items and technical downloads provided highly effective fodder for search engines and thought leadership efforts. Trashing them and starting fresh was unthinkable, both from an SEO and a branding perspective. This dilemma made it especially important to cement a solid content management strategy—and a plan for feeding the right content to the right site visitor at the right time. By mapping that out before we landed on the final site structure, we laid a solid foundation for website creative, functionality and user experience—saving time, stress and unpleasant surprises down the road.

Next came a fresh, more contemporary design: bright, clean graphics and modular, scrolling pages. A Bootstrap mobile framework enabled a responsive site ideal for mobile and tablet visitors. Simplified navigation and a clear hierarchy of information helps guide visitors down prescribed paths and keep them engaged with site content.

“The new site is big step toward elevating the HEIDENHAIN brand presence in the U.S.,” said Tom Wyatt, Product and Marketing Manager at HEIDENHAIN. “This, along with planned digital media efforts, content marketing and more will help us communicate the breadth and depth of our expertise and capability.”

In the few months since the site launched, we’ve seen improved website engagement across all devices (desktop, tablet, mobile) and an increase in conversions (form submissions and calls), thanks in large part to an improved user experience and easier to find content.

  • Site visits grew 14% and pageviews by 28%
  • Conversions increased 162% and conversion rates improved over the previous quarter
  • Engagement metrics improved across all channels compared to last quarter: bounce rate improved by 9%, average time on site increased 30% and pages per visit increased 13%

Check out the new site here.