Choose SEO That is Right for You

Published January 22, 2009 12:02 pm by LoSasso

This morning, our company received an email from an SEO service concerned about our search engine ranking.

The search term in question (“marketing interactive”) allegedly listed us at position 5 on page 31 in Google’s search results, and the only way we could improve these results was if we used their back-linking service. A colleague of mine got the same exact email at his company halfway across the country. The same exact keyword supposedly lists his site at position 5 on page 31 in Google’s results.

This is one main reason SEO gets a bad rap. You receive an email claiming you do not have enough inbound links to your site, and they trick you into buying their service. The main concern is, a lot of companies like this use link building tactics that are considered “black hat” and are the quickest way to get your site blacklisted in search engines. A couple “black hat” techniques include spamming blog comments with your website’s URL, and buying links in link farms.

While linking is arguably the number one way to improve your website’s results in search engines, it is only one factor out of several hundred in search engines’ algorithms. How clean is your navigation and internal link structure? Do you have proper page titles? Do you have an appropriate amount of content? Do your images include proper alt text?

When deciding which SEO agency is right for you, always consider the full-service agency that understands your business enough to drive high quality traffic to your site. Not the agency only wanting to build links to ensure you rank high for nefarious keywords. As Steve Irwin always said *danger* *danger* *danger*.