Richard St. John’s 8 Secrets of Success

Published June 19, 2012 5:13 pm by LoSasso
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When it comes to the notion of self efficacy; the sense that you can change the world and that you can attain what you set out to do, sometimes it helps to have a set of principles to guide your way. Author, speaker, marketer and success analyst Richard St. John has spent over a decade investigating the secrets of success. In a very straight forward three minute TEDtalk St. John shares what he has discovered in a down to earth and convincing way that cuts to the chase.  The great aspect of the 8 secrets is that they are applicable to everyone. Whether at the beginning of a career or seated at the head of the table, professionals on all levels aspiring to be the best or better at what they do can learn from St. John’s 8 Secrets.

1. Passion

2. Work

3. Focus

4. Push

5. Ideas

6. Improve

7. Serve

8. Persist!

Hellen Keller once said, “Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much.” In business this notion couldn’t be more true as we hopefully work together to succeed toward the benefit of an entire company. The collaboration of great ideas and thinkers is how TED and other inspired companies thrive; the more minds the merrier! When we look at the bigger picture of “success,” we must also consider the ability to achieve and attain common goals as an accomplishment. A two hour presentation cut down into a short 2-3 minutes began with one question, “What leads to success?” Well, after seven years and 500 interviews St. John offers up what he has learned, and while the principles seem straight forward they require a dedicated attention and commitment to growth.