Our favorite WFH hacks

Published August 10, 2020 11:06 pm by LoSasso
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It’s been over 20 weeks of our team working from home. And while some of us are back in the office now, all of us have a learned a thing or two about how to stay focused and productive—even when we have makeshift desks, one-room apartments or kids running around the house. Want to know our secrets to WFH success? Read on below and see how we’ve been hanging!

“1) Don’t work in your PJs and 2) take lunch break walks around the neighborhood.”

– Sarah Thaler, Content Marketing/SEO Specialist

“It took me 2 months of WFH to realize that I don’t need to “schedule” a meeting in Zoom to have a Zoom meeting—I can just link to my personal meeting room. Shaves off minutes but feels like a LOT less hassle.”

– Jada Cash, Creative Director

David Fabbri

“I try to get out for a long bike ride at least a few mornings a week before I sit down to work. It gets the blood flowing to give you better energy for the day and gives you plenty of quiet, alone time to think things through.”

– David Fabbri, Chief Strategy Officer

“I look at pictures of dogs on Instagram and Petfinder. While it’s not a full replacement to the pups in the office, it always livens up my day when I need a quick pick-me-up while I’m home all day!”

– Leah Sherman, Account Executive 

“Open the shutters and windows all the way to illuminate a room like LoSasso and work outside whenever you can.”

– Mia Hollingsworth, Accounting and Operations Coordinator

“Build a good workspace—whether that means sitting next to your favorite plant, opening the blinds to let some natural light in or rearranging an entire room and buying office furniture and supplies to facilitate your process (like I did). Just make sure you’re comfortable (but not too comfortable) and give yourself a good space to think and work.”

– Anthony Rizzo, Video and Motion Graphics Artist

“Going for a walk first thing in the morning to kick start your day and ensure you get some fresh air before the day gets away from you!”

– Allison Collins, Account Executive 

Jamie Goff

“Light a candle or use a candle warmer each morning to delight the senses throughout the day.”

– Jamie Goff, Account Director 

“Change of scenery! WFH gives us an opportunity to work from wherever our internet connection is. I have been working at different outdoor cafes, roofs or the pool for part of the day.”

– Alex Frueh, Sr. Digital Marketing Specialist

“Afternoon Starbucks to get away from my desk and get a quick walk in!”

– Amanda Klapper, Account Director 

Louise Rasmussen

“Lipstick and jewelry can help you feel put together, even if you know you are just wearing shorts.”

– Louise Rasmussen, Strategic Planning Director

“When possible, a short mid-day run or exercise break can be really helpful in terms of breaking up the day. It also refocuses the mind and provides a healthy outlet.”

– Michael Crane, Sr. Digital Marketing Specialist

“Instead of grabbing another cup of coffee, hit a 15-30 second plank! I read that not only is it physically helpful, but the position amplifies focus. I have noticed that it helps getting me back on track!”

– Claire Martin, Audience Development Associate

“Try and disconnect! It’s so easy to get sucked into working after-hours since there isn’t a clear divide between work and home, but be sure to shut down your computer and walk away to try and find that work-life balance—even when the lines of home and work are blurred.”

– Sam Kevorkian, Account Supervisor