Hello Summertime—and being back in the office

Hello Summertime—and being back in the office

Published: June 15, 2021 by LoSasso
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Can you feel that buzz in the air? The excitement? The pure joy? We sure can! And it’s not just because Chicago is back open for summer—it’s because we’re headed back to the office.


It’s been over a year since our team was all together in one spot. While we’ve gotten pretty good at navigating the whole remote work life, we couldn’t be more excited to be face-to-face again. Sure, there will still be Zoom meetings. But now there will also be room meetings. And patio meetings. And hallway meetings. And happy hour meetings—or just happy hours, let’s be real.


So, what are we MOST excited about this summer?


Office dogs!

Beaches and boats

Free-flowing collaboration

 Patio season and restaurants

Stand-up paddle boarding off North Avenue beach

 Impromptu hallway conversations that inspire big ideas

 Running or riding bikes on the Lakefront Trail

 Hanging work up in conference rooms

 Live music and festivals

 CeLobration events

 Farmer’s markets

Cubs games


What are you looking forward to this summer?