IMTS Recap 2022

IMTS Recap 2022

Published: September 21, 2022 by LoSasso
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Our team hit the ground running at IMTS this year! They spent a whole week soaking up all the energy and innovation on the show floor. Check out their takeaways from the biggest manufacturing show in the Western Hemisphere.


Samantha Kevorkian

Account Supervisor

My biggest takeaway was the excitement for everyone to be back together again. Being able to interact with so many clients from near and far, meet people I’ve only connected with on Zoom over the past few years, and share a meal or a drink with those who are here has been very exciting and energizing.


Amanda Callahan

VP Client Services

It was inspiring to see how technology is impacting the manufacturing industry. Automation, software and tech-forward solutions were front and center.


Sean Griffin

Senior Copywriter

There seemed to be a ton of energy at IMTS this year–people were genuinely excited to be at the event. It was fascinating to see the different ways technologies like automation and advanced user interfaces are finding their place/role across the industry.


Jessica Terrones

Social Media Strategist

I was blown away by the amount of attendees at IMTS! It shows how important the newest manufacturing and technology solutions are to companies around the world.


Gabrielle Gronewold

Assistant Account Executive

The biggest thing I took away from IMTS  was the amount of innovation and new products at the show. It was great to see all the new ways technology continues to revolutionize the manufacturing industry.


Logan Merz

Art Director

It was incredible to see all different, innovative solutions and technologies at IMTS. It was really exciting to see how all of these different ideas work together across the manufacturing industry as a whole.


Scott LoSasso


How technology has accelerated what is possible is incredible. The strength of US manufacturing is only limited by our ability to attract young smart talent. The automation that makes it possible for one person to run multiple machines and drive globally competitive manufacturing in the US is awesome.