Day in the life as a LoSasso Dog

Day in the life as a LoSasso Dog

Published: July 20, 2021 by LoSasso
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Sometimes “dog days” can be an understatement. When the weekend inevitably ends and Monday rolls around, you can count on LoSasso's furry coworker counterparts to boost the mood. Prioritizing treat acquisition and belly rub business deals above everything else, our furry friends are very good at their jobs!

Follow a dog as they make their way through a day at LoSasso! From right as they wake up, to when they close their eyes goodnight, our dogs have their paws full of things to do. Harvey LoSasso is no exception. Our Chief Canine Officer is delighted to show you what a furry worker does at LoSasso.

7:00 I wake up and BIIIIIG stretch, which is an important part of my routine. My first job of the day is to wake up my human, and I take pride in how fast I can wake him up. One day I’ll beat my personal best of 11.3 seconds, but for now, breakfast.

7:30 YUM! After inhaling my food and making sure every single one of the crumbs are licked up off the floor, I get dressed in my best collar and leash.

8:00 The drive to work is one of my favorite parts of the day—windows down.

8:30 With the important stuff out of the way, I can get to work. I make my rounds in the office to make sure everyone is up to fluff. It’s not easy being a working dog around here. After that I head back to my office to get started on a chew toy that desperately needs my attention. As much as my furry coworkers would consider this a collaborative effort, it is NOT. And I need to get started on it.

11:00 Chew toy: Demolished. After all that work, I'm exhausted. I take this time to have a well-deserved nap in the sun.

12:30 Lunch! The humans ordered pizza from Roots. I had a tantrum because apparently pizza is not suitable for dogs. It never crossed my mind. At least I know who to go to for more treats around here.

2:00 Back in the office for the rest of the day. After I get some post-lunch belly rubs, I attend the creative de-paw-tment meeting to hear what’s going on.

4:00 Wrapping up work! Zoomies kicked in so I ran around the garden outside. Staying active motivates and keeps me happy.

5:15 All done! Getting ready to head home. It’s bittersweet—I miss the attention—but the most important part of the day is waiting for me when I get home.

7:00 DINNER!!!! As always, I inhale my food and leave no trace. Sometimes I pretend I haven’t gotten dinner yet, but I think my human has caught on by now.

10:30 Bedtime! I’ll be grumpy if I don’t get my beauty sleep. I have a whole ‘nother day of work tomorrow. I say goodnight to my human and head to bed.