1 year of WFH: How we’re keeping momentum

1 year of WFH: How we’re keeping momentum

Published: March 5, 2021 by LoSasso
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Last March, the world stopped. For LoSasso, it was Friday the 13th when it quickly became clear that we would have to shift to remote working—two weeks to flatten the curve. Fifty-two weeks later, here we are, still remote. The home office struggles, remote learning mishaps and Zoom burnout are real, but we’ve managed to stay surprisingly driven, upbeat and efficient in these challenging times. As we reflect back on one year of remote work, we’re also looking toward the future—one that hopefully includes happy reunions (and in-person happy hours!). In the meantime, we asked LoSassins how they’re keeping momentum with new goals and challenges.


Alex Frueh

Sr. Digital Marketing Specialist

This year I’m looking to conquer client and internal presentations. I also want to go above and beyond when it comes to onboarding/overseeing our newest team member.


Louise Rasmussen

Strategic Planning Director

I want to focus on internal marketing—helping to encourage the growth mindset culture within LoSasso. As change in our industry accelerates even more quickly, fueling our internal processes will help us continue to be relevant.


Samantha Kevorkian

Account Supervisor

I’m hoping to dig into the new ways people have been using technology to feel connected and keep up with industry trends from afar and see what may be here to stay—even after things are back to “normal.”  I want to make sure that our internal teams feel like we aren’t missing a beat by not being able to collaborate or communicate in person with extra check-ins on Skype, Zoom, etc. This will help make sure all our client projects and initiatives are set up for success!


Scott LoSasso


The events of 2020 accelerated many trends that were underway before the pandemic. This can create huge opportunity for businesses that make smart adjustments. For that, you need new insights and fresh perspective. Let’s help clients get after it. Securing input from brand stakeholders ranging from the CEO to the customer marketplace is the best place to start for faster evolution and accelerated growth. I’m also ready to make up for lost time—travel and take lots of people out to dinner. Let’s get this damn pandemic over with and gooooooo!


Jim Horst

IT Manager

Goals? I’m just trying to stay under the radar so I have time to finish my to-do list!


Julia Parisot

VP Business Development

I want to learn more about customer data platforms. What is required for integration, how scalable they are, and the cost of entry to understand how b2b brands can holistically manage customer data to improve marketing efficiency and improve brand experience. I’m also interested in identifying key macro trends that senior marketers will reprioritize and adapt to coming out of pandemic environment. What are opportunities for marketing programs to support sales and improve brand experience? I also want to engage in conferences and virtual events with smart POV that will continue to build agency brand and overall awareness in our sponsorships and communities we are active in.


Amanda Callahan

VP of Client Services

My goal is to keep encouraging our clients to refine and tell their brand story. I also want to grow our business—bringing in more fun creative projects for our team!


Remote or not, what are your goals for the next year?