Job Posting: Media Director

Published May 13, 2022 8:40 am by LoSasso
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Reports to: President. Leads the media practice at the agency. Member of strategy team

All media activities and staff will ladder-up and report to the Media Director. Media Director will work closely across departments with VPs and Directors and will be a member of the strategy and pitch teams.


The person filling this role may be a subject matter expert in specialized types of media, but more importantly, they need to be a channel agnostic generator of strategic ways to use media to drive business results for b2b and complex sales cycles.


Position requires a firm grasp of the research tools and tactics needed to quantify and qualify the audience to bring the right mix of media forward. 


Media Director will be expected to contribute differentiated and smart ways to reach the target throughout the development of the strategy, creative and activation plan – whether it be in the form of an impact mailer, a billboard in an airport or a lead secured by gated content to a niche audience on LinkedIn.


What does success in this role look like?

  • Recommendations form a compelling story about the who, what and why of the media approach. Recognized within agency as the standard bearer for media creativity and performance
  • Cross departmental relationships that build confidence in our ability to deliver creative and differentiated media programs for each client in accordance with their industry and spend. 
  • Continuous evolution of our media practice to keep pace with ever changing media landscape
  • Good leader, networker, presententer and team builder that will participate in agency pitch team, departmental staffing and cross department leadership teams.
  • Thought leadership contributions published and shared with clients


How will we measure success?

  • Media case studies that demonstrate how our clients achieve stand-out visibility within their industry 
  • How our media practices evolves and contributes as a profit center in the agency
  • Traditional measures of media performance will be one metric but others will include.
    • Staff time allocations and efficiency
    • Introduction of optimized operational changes that drive efficiency in planning, billing and program execution.
    • The streamlining client reporting and program management
    • Effective use and evolution of media technology and tools
    • Collaborativeness and productivity of cross departmental communications and relationships – i.e. alignment with high-talent and high-trust culture. 



  • 10+ years in media management
  • Has worked across media channels and can demonstrate channel agnostic thinking
  • Has hands-on experience implementing or active oversight of modern digital media programs
  • Has participated in hiring and staffing recommendations as teams are built and managed
  • Has developed and sold-in media strategy
  • Has experience with performance media and reporting


Media POV

Reaching the target with impact and efficiency is the singular purpose of media. A simple statement that is complex in practice. From billboards to banners and everything in between, standing out and speaking directly to your audience is a dynamic challenge. Data driven targeting across digital and traditional channels is more effective and precise than ever, but the choices can seem endless. 

Core principles:

  1. Insight and creativity are critical to effective media strategy and delivery
  2. We are channel agnostic – Expertise and efficient access to traditional, digital, social and emerging channels is needed whether it is an internal capability or through a specialized partner
  3. Effective use of data, testing and measurement is table stakes

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