FREE eBook: B2B marketing in turbulent times: a playbook

Published June 15, 2020 6:50 pm by LoSasso
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We’ve had a lot on our mind regarding current events and our new reality. And we’d seen a lot of resources for consumer marketers—but not much specific to our friends in B2B. So we created a five-step playbook—with actionable worksheets, tools and activities—to help you manage through turbulent times (now and in the future).

  • Learn how to reorient yourself—aligning on the current situation and objectives
  • Get checklists and tools to assess and amend your current marketing activities
  • Brainstorm ways to supplement current marketing activities with those that give extra support to your customers and prospects during tough times
  • Understand how to keep your teams happy and engaged in the face of challenges
  • Find tools to cement a plan to move forward

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