SSI – Shredding for Social Media Success

Published July 13, 2010 10:23 am by LoSasso
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In our continuous effort to share good ideas, this video was shared within our agency as a good use of social media for industrial marketers. It is not our client but we felt it was worth sharing.

With this “Watch It Shred” series, SSI has a strong opportunity to leverage social media and online channels to bring their brand forward while they educate. They have created a positive message about their company and industry that will gain positive exposure. While it is true that they will get much of this exposure outside their core audience of influencers and purchasers of industrial recycling and shredding equipment, there will be high value sharing of this content within that target market. They have several videos in the series and if their strategy carries through, they will include this in email, blog sites, on their website, in forums, twitter posts and in many other places around the web. Nice Work SSI!