Ho Ho Holy Cow – 60% Rate of Return

Published January 14, 2009 3:11 pm by LoSasso
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In December, our company developed a fun holiday greeting featuring a video of our staff singing “The 12 Things Our Clients Want This Holiday Season.” The campaign included a printed holiday card with a message to drive recipients online to view the video.

In the past, we have discussed the importance of video and its obvious increase in popularity and use. Key to success when using online video is the ability to make your campaigns measurable. A strong analytics platform will allow you to track general activity such as page views, as well as more granular information such as where visitors came from, how long they stayed and where they went when they left.

A campaign with this level of measurability allows you to better gauge success, and more accurately understand user behavior to achieve better results in future campaigns.

We snail-mailed 321 holiday cards (18 bounce backs) on December 15 with a message inviting the recipients to view the digital version on our website. Here are some very telling numbers from our little ditty.

Pageviews for www.losasso.com/happy-holidays.php

December 15 – 0 views (the page was launched on this day)
December 16 – 36 views
December 17 – 178 views
December 18 – 108 views
December 19 – 64 views
December 20 – 14 views


We began to see traffic to the video the day after the page went live (Dec 16), coming directly from the friends and family of the LoSasso team.

Wednesday, December 17 is when recipients of the snail-mail piece began to view the video. 42% of our views on 12/17 and 53% of the views on 12/18 came directly from the holiday card recipients. That is a total of 111 unique pageviews in just 2 days. 12/19 and 12/20 added 44 more unique pageviews from the mailing.

Our staff also shared this page on social networks, bringing in substantial traffic (12/17 through 12/20) from StumbleUpon (16%), Facebook (15%), Twitter (8%), LinkedIn (3%) and others.

The length of the holiday greeting video is just shy of two minutes at 1:57. Users who came from the mailing stayed on the page for an average of 2:36. Users from social networks stayed on the page for an average of 1:18. Obviously our clients and friends who received the holiday card were more “qualified” visitors with a bit more interest in the content of the video than the users from social networks, making their average duration on the page longer.

Some more interesting statistics: 27% of the users who watched the video went to the ‘our people’ page to read more about the employees in the video, while only 6% from social networks did the same. This signifies that our primary audience was genuinely interested in seeing/learning more about their favorite LoSasso employees.

We also posted the video on YouTube. Though we do not have access to the analytics to find out where traffic came from, we do know there were 191 plays on YouTube and that this version has been re-tweeted on Twitter by non-LoSasso employees twice. We still collect an average of 4 views a day in the month of January for the holiday video.

Through today, we have received 193 visitors from the mailout. That is a 60% rate of return from the direct mail piece!

We were very happy with our increase in traffic and interest in December. As a result of this campaign, we received a call from a prospect on our mailing list who has requested help with her website and a more extensive interactive marketing strategy. Who knew a holiday card would be such a nice case study?

With a strong analytics platform, you can better understand your customers’ behavior, boosting the performance of your programs while cutting out the fat. Push for stronger results. Make 2009 the year when you make your campaigns measurable.