Countdown to 2018: 5 Marketing Trends Destined to Stick Around

Published December 27, 2017 3:27 pm by LoSasso
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It’s been an exciting and interesting year for us here at LoSasso. We love watching our industry evolve, and seeing trends come and go. But not all marketing trends are born to be a flash in the pan. Some take root, take on a life of their own and become an indelible part of the marketing firmament.


Artificial Intelligence

“Alexa, can you tell me how to use AI in my life?” If she were writing this article, Alexa would likely tell you that, while we may not have droids and cyborgs developing ad concepts, artificial intelligence (AI) is widely used in a variety of applications, even marketing. Two of the biggest ways AI works for marketing are its ability to parse data and its ability to learn. So not only can AI be used to compile data-heavy reports and generate blog posts and emails, it can learn from that same to customize communications based on user patterns as well as optimize your SEO. And as the capabilities of AI continue to evolve and grow, so does its long-term business potential.


The Emergence of the CXO

The role of the Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) isn’t what it used to be. Today’s consumers want more than quality and performance. They expect the total experience — and our CMOs are evolving into CXOs (Chief Experience Officers) to deliver it. No longer focused solely on big-concept marketing platforms, CMOs CXOs are now responsible for ensuring that their brand’s message and image is a consistent, end-to-end experience that covers every touchpoint — from traditional and digital advertising, to on-site interactions and even customer service. Marketplace competition is fierce. And brands that successfully and consistently deliver on customer experience are the ones that will rise to, and stay at, the top.


Mobile Is King

Few things instill panic within us as the moment we realize we’ve left the house without our mobile devices. The fact that mobile technology has become so critical to our daily lives is obvious — and the truth that it has become so critical to our marketing soon will be. From strategy and site design to content, capabilities and customer service, the still-growing prevalence and dependence on mobile devices will continue to evolve the way we connect with consumers — and enable us to transform the human need for instant gratification into mutually beneficial consumer-brand relationships.


Giving & Empathy

Restaurants share their “secret” recipes. Ford Motor Company had its engineers wear “The Empathy Belly” to understand the challenges pregnant women face while getting out of a car. Why did they do it? Because consumers love companies that care. By giving to consumers without an immediate financial gain — or by taking the time to live for a moment in the lives of their customers so as to improve upon their products or services — brands show their customers that they’re seen as people. Not just dollar signs. And as the number of brands trending towards giving and empathy continues to grow, so will the lasting loyalty of their customers.


Data Became Human

While the benefits of Big Data have long been accepted as fact, the real truth that’s come to light is this: for data to be a truly useful marketing tool, we need to focus less on what the data says about our target and more on what it means. By paying attention to patterns related to when, where and how a consumer engages, we’re better able to target them at a time and place where they’ll be most receptive. By understanding their viewing and reading preferences, we can personalize our messaging to be better able to capture their specific attention. By appreciating and utilizing the humanity behind our data, we, as marketers, are able to both improve results and deepen the relationship between consumers and brands.