Corporations and Social Media: Will They Ever Get it Right?

Published April 20, 2010 11:09 am by LoSasso
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corporations using social-mediaWhy are corporations having such a hard time breaking into the social media scene?  Ask any CEO or other top executive of a corporation if they want to be bombarded with advertisements every time they check their phones or log on to their computers – I can guarantee you the answer would be a resounding “No!”  Yet they fill their Facebook pages and Twitter feeds with pushy advertising and in-your-face self-promotion anyway and wonder why they can’t get on the social media radar.

So how can corporations use social media to their advantage while at the same time gaining friends or followers for their pages?  The answer is simple and goes back to the root of what people look for in a friendship – a mutually beneficial relationship.  Corporations need to make users feel like they are valued and that their opinions are what matter, not just the money they may potentially spend.  Users want to see information that is interesting and will benefit them, not just involving the company’s product, but also things like what’s going on in the industry and ways users can interact with the company and with other users in the online community.  If companies want advertising all they have to do is give users content they will want to share – not many people will want to send a blatant advertisement to their friends, but an interesting article posted on the company blog or Facebook page is something that users will pass along.

The bottom line here:  Let pushy ads and self-promotion fall to the way-side and give users what they really want – interesting content they can learn something from and pass along to others.  That kind of customer-promoted publicity can’t be bought and will be much more valuable than any form of self-promotion could ever be.