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Published September 25, 2009 11:35 pm by David Fabbri
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Photo by Timothy Morgan

Photo by Timothy Morgan

With all that’s changing in marketing these days, it’s easy to get caught up in the technology. Easy to forget that, ultimately, it all comes back to the basics – like focusing on customer benefits. In a recent post on Copyblogger, Sonia Simone writes:

“Benefits are the little black dress of marketing: always appropriate…The insanely simple and direct way is just to put a bulleted list on your sales page under the title: Here’s What [My Product] Will Do For You. List out the seven most important wonderful things that your customer will experience as a result of doing business with you. Make sure this list can be seen “above the fold” on the screen — in other words, without the viewer needing to scroll.”

While you may find the technique a bit too simple, the point is well made. List your benefits. Make sure they won’t be missed.

She wraps up her post with a link to another marketing “secret weapon” – your call to action. You’ve told them how your product or service will benefit them. Don’t forget to tell them to do something about it.

All too simple you say? Way too marketing 101? If your marketing has a tight focus on the basics, you’re probably doing better than a lot of your competitors. If you’ve gotten a little soft – or a little too self-centered – maybe a little 101 is just what you need.

David Fabbri is Creative Director of LoSasso Advertising Inc., a Chicago based interactive agency specializing in content marketing strategies and customer acquisition for leading B2B and consumer brands. (See more posts by David)