5 Tips for Developing a Strong Brand Presence on the Mobile Web

Published June 17, 2009 1:16 pm by LoSasso
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As more and more people are accessing the internet on their mobile phones, marketers are struggling to keep up with the changing landscape of internet usage.

As of May 2008, Nielson reported that mobile internet had over 40 million active users with many sites attracting millions of unique users. This data indicates that mobile internet usage has reached a critical mass as an advertising medium in the US.

That being said, one of the key questions on marketers’ minds is: How can we best optimize our brand for mobile customers?

DMNews recently ran an article that offered five tips for marketers. These tips lay out how to develop a strong brand presence on the mobile web.

Integrate Microsoft Tag into Print Advertising: In January of this year, Microsoft introduced Tag to the United States. Tag allows users to instantly connect to more information and entertainment without having to type out long URLs. Mobile users can simply snap the Tag with their phone, and Microsoft Tag will connect them to their destination. Mobile barcodes such as these are ground-breaking because they require no typing on small keyboards and make mobile content easily accessible. It’s a great way for brands to link online mobile content to offline advertising.

Don’t Clone Your Desktop Site: It’s important for marketers to realize that mobile and desktop internet usage is different. Simply applying the same SEO techniques to both platforms will not necessarily be effective. Mobile searchers are not always searching the same keywords as desktop users, so marketers should conduct mobile-specific keyword research using tools like Google’s mobile keyword tool. This will help brands to specifically tailor their approach to mobile users.

Follow Mobile-Specific Signals: As search engines continue to develop more accurate mobile search ranking algorithms, they are likely to search for signals that indicate a query is generated mobile-ly. A good way for brands to stand out in mobile search engines is to include the word “mobile” in your mobile title tags. Specialized title tags acts as a great indicator that content is mobile-specific.

Create Mobile Content: Mobile content creation is key to creating a mobile brand presence. Here are some ways to increase visibility:
a. Make sure the desktop site is Mobile OK compliant
b. Create a unique site geared toward mobile users and host it on a new TLD or subdomain
c. Develop an app for mobile users
d. Optimize feed-based content listings like RSS and video
e. Actively participate on social media outlets that have mobile interfaces

Make ‘Em Laugh: The largest category of mobile usage is entertainment. From waiting in line at the bank to sitting at the bus stop, mobile users are often looking to be entertained. Brands that do that will be successful.