Work that works: HEIDENHAIN and LoSasso

Work that works: HEIDENHAIN and LoSasso

Published: January 3, 2018 by LoSasso
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In our line of work, there’s nothing more rewarding than when a client gives us kudos on a job well done. Recently, we talked to Tom Wyatt, Marketing Manager at HEIDENHAIN, who did just that, thanking us for our work to reinvigorate the HEIDENHAIN brand and spur growth in key industries. Watch the video, below, or read on to learn more.


The challenge

HEIDENHAIN, a Germany-based manufacturer of precision measurement and motion control technology, was well-established in core industries around the globe; future growth, however, relied upon evolving the company’s image—and appealing to mechanical engineers in emerging segments like automation, semiconductor, and biotech.


Our approach

LoSasso worked closely with HEIDENHAIN to zero in on key brand differentiators, and determine the sweet spot between those and prospect needs/attitudes. The resulting campaign concept, “Precisely where you should be,” speaks to the idea that engineers are the unsung heroes behind some of the world’s most inspiring mechanical accomplishments. The concept came to life through print, digital and video, and launched in conjunction with a new company website.


I realized early on that I would enjoy working with the LoSasso team … I was extremely impressed with how self-sufficient they are. Their staff included experts at every aspect and level of the business. From consultative to SEO to creative to website development to video, literally a 'one stop shop' … their team invested so much time and effort with the HEIDENHAIN team in an effort to get to know us, our culture and our personality as an organization.


Tom Wyatt, Marketing Manager, HEIDENHAIN