Time-saving tools every marketer needs

Time-saving tools every marketer needs

Published: February 27, 2018 by LoSasso
Categories: Content and SEO, Media

Save Time. Save Money. Save Face.

From robots that clean our floors 24/7 to voice-activated speakers that can answer just about any question we come up with, we're no stranger to techy short-cuts that make our personal lives easier. But what about our professional lives? We asked our fellow Losassins about their favorite marketing short-cuts and these six rose to the top for their ability to help us work more efficiently, save money and look even smarter.

News Feed Eradicator for Facebook

While your friends and family may raise an eyebrow when you say you're on Facebook for work (no, really!), we believe you — because we are too. But the temptation to get sucked down the rabbit hole that is the News Feed can be tough to resist. Your focus CAN be reclaimed, though, with the Facebook News Feed Eradicator extension for your Google Chrome browser. Easy to install (and turn off when you want to), it lets you replace your newsfeed with customizable and inspirational quotes while still maintaining access to events, birthdays and pages — particularly the ones you need for work.


We've all experienced it — that breach of trust when your built-in spelling and grammar checker fails to catch a word that's spelled correctly but is still oh so wrong. Instead, put your trust in Grammarly. It goes beyond checking for common spelling and grammar errors and reviews your words for something just as important: context. Add the extension to your browser and, whether you're writing online or want to upload documents for review, Grammarly will help fine find the mistakes other checkers miss — and protect your professional credibility as well.


Meet the lovechild of Alexa and every sales and marketing guru you wish you had on speed dial. GrowthBot connects to marketing systems like HubSpot, Google Analytics and more to quickly serve up the information you're looking for. Want to know what kind of software a company uses? Ask GrowthBot. Curious about which restaurants in your area use Google apps? GrowthBot can tell you. Though still in the early beta stage (some questions just don't compute yet, but it's learning), it's free and easy to use — try connecting via Twitter DMs, Facebook Messenger or Slack.


MozBar puts real-time SEO data at your fingertips in just a couple of clicks. An all-in-one SEO toolbar, MozBar collects information for any web page or SERP you're viewing. With it, you can quickly and easily find, highlight and differentiate keywords by type; create custom searches; assess ranking probability and more — then optimize your site to come out on top.


How much of your workday is spent waiting for web pages to load, or scrolling past endless ads to get to the information you need to read? Between the boxes breaking up the content and the trackers running in the background, it can feel like a miracle that we ever get to the end an article, but you can clean it all up with Ghostery. This miracle of a browser extension optimizes page performance while you're browsing, eliminating ad clutter and putting you in control of how many trackers (if any) you allow to track your activity — for a browsing experience that's not only more efficient, it's more private as well.

Temi Audio-to-Text Tool

Play. Pause. Scribble. Rewind. Sigh. Repeat. Whether it's a short audio clip, an interview or a conference call, transcribing audio is tedious and time consuming. And when you factor in the billable rate of the person, or people, doing the transcribing, it can be expensive as well. Enter Temi — an audio-to-text transcribing tool that, in minutes, delivers an expertly transcribed, editable script complete with custom timestamps and speaker identification that can be exported to MS Word and other programs. There are no subscriptions required, no minimums to meet, no hidden fees, and it's just 10 cents (that's TEN PENNIES) per minute of audio. So that hour-long conference call recording that would have taken you half a day to transcribe? Done in minutes. For just six dollars. You're welcome.