Platform Wars: Where to focus your social media strategy?

Platform Wars: Where to focus your social media strategy?

Published: March 2, 2012 by LoSasso
Categories: Media, Social media, Website development

The idea of doing, “social business” is not a new concept for the 21st century business world, but how to optimize the most effective channel for your business is something that constantly evolves. From tagging to tweeting and +1’ing, the best bet is to cover the gamut to generate a presence and get the best coverage. But what about newbie arrivals Pinterest or Google+? Both have received so much buzz it’s hard not to consider what their added value might be? Harnessing the power of online engagement can be tricky.

The use of social media undeniably optimizes our connections both personally and professionally. These tools we have grown to love and utilize now seem to be working for us while we multitask across platforms.  By simplifying the number of clicks we make suddenly Google, Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest all appear to be in cahoots with one another. What you “PIN” simultaneously pops up on your Facebook home screen, likewise when you log onto Gmail you are also prompted to your Plus account! While user options typically allow one to disable these settings if desired, they still interface quite nicely to prompt the sharing of content through various options.


It can get confusing, and of course Posts and Pictures are encouraged for all

  • Facebook: Like, Comment, Share
  • Pinterest: PIN, RePin, Like, Comment, Follow & Unfollow
  • Google+: Hangout, Share, +1, Comment
  • Twitter: Tweet, Retweet, Reply, Favorite

Syncing, simplicity and integration are all goals of the social media networks because traffic for one, means traffic for all. While we might think they are in direct competition with one another, in reality they realize that they need us as much as we need them. Why not team up to cover all the angles? The same goes for us as it does for the online giants. We are not in direct competition with one another or rely solely upon one platform from which to operate.

By retweeting, sharing, liking, pinning or +1’ing posts or content, the good word spreads faster and more people benefit from the network of activity. So the next time you find content relevant, stimulating or entertaining feel free to pass it along via PIN, Share, Like or +1. As we do, our virtual and real life circles grow and if knowledge is power then the key holders are in fact the businesses and individuals. Perhaps rather than asking where to focus our media strategy attention, maybe the question should be how best to effectively navigate using them all at once, or at least as many apply.  Though this proposition may sound daunting consider this: while we are hard at work in our day to day lives, Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Pinterest are all working behind the scenes acting as the “digital face” of us, and our companies.