If these 5 strategies aren’t part of your PPC campaign, they should be

If these 5 strategies aren’t part of your PPC campaign, they should be

Published: July 31, 2015 by LoSasso
Categories: Data, Media

Pay-per-click (PPC) campaigns are nothing new. Nowadays, they’re an integral part of most marketing programs. But just because you’ve been doing something for a while, that doesn’t necessarily mean you’re doing it right. Keep reading to hear some of our tips for improving your current PPC campaigns and getting the biggest bang for your buck.

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1. Set goals…and track them!
When starting a PPC campaign, it’s important for you and your agency to understand what you want to get out of it. Are you trying to get exposure for your brand? Looking for new leads? Define your goals and work with your agency to establish meaningful KPIs and a measurement plan.

Ask your agency for regular reports and have them explain things you don’t know. Not understanding how conversion rate is calculated, what CTR means or why you’re paying more for one campaign is understandable and, often, expected. Just getting the data isn’t enough; you need the background and context to understand it!

2. Provide feedback
Be transparent about your business goals and make sure that your PPC strategy is in alignment with them. Your PPC campaigns should reflect your product launches and focus areas. Have your sales and product specialists review the strategy and provide feedback. After all, who knows what your customers are searching for better than the people interacting with them every day?

3. Keep it fresh
Is there a new development in your field? Something in your area of expertise that’s being covered by major news outlets? Be prepared to capitalize on that by setting aside a budget specifically for news-worthy campaigns. If competition is higher, the keywords may be more expensive, but it’ll be worth it to get your company or product in front of new leads.

4. Look at the bigger picture
While PPC campaigns are an important component of the digital marketing equation, they are not the be-all and end-all. Also focusing on search engine optimization, content marketing, email and social media in your digital marketing strategy is key. Integrating and coordinating these components will maximize the online marketing effectiveness and efficiency, allowing you to better capitalize on digital opportunities.

5. Embrace change
Pay attention to your campaigns’ performance. Do you like the results you’re seeing? Great – increase your budget or expand into a new platform. And, as always, if something isn’t working, change it!

Of course, there’s no magic formula that can be applied to all PPC campaigns. Managing an effective campaign consists of continuous monitoring and ongoing optimization to get it just right.