Email Marketing Campaigns: Best Practices

Email Marketing Campaigns: Best Practices

Published: August 30, 2011 by Jessica Schanta
Categories: B2B marketing, Media, Website development

Don’t assume that social media replaces email as a form of communication. (We all know what happens when you assume.)

As B2B marketers, we need to coordinate our interactive marketing initiatives to maintain consistency throughout several different channels. Social media enhances the value of email and in return, email maximizes social media efforts. For example, if a brand has a certain promotion that is offered via email, make sure that message is advertised the same way across the mix (your website, blogs, Facebook, etc.)Best Practices_Email Pic

Email campaigns give marketers the opportunity to expose their brands as much as possible. It is the most cost effective interactive tool and increasing in its effectiveness. Email allows marketers to deliver a valuable visualization of their message through the user experience.

Here are a few best practices:

  • Cross-promote across all channels: Include links to share content via Facebook, Twitter, email etc. at the top of the page
  • User-friendly for all platforms: Design content that is mobile friendly – users are online and socially engaged
  • Segment consumers: Ensures that the right people are receiving relevant information
  • Leverage conversation: Encourage more social interactions to drive sales

Just remember the K.I.S.S. method – Keep It Simple and Shareable.