The 5 New Laws of Content

The 5 New Laws of Content

Published: January 29, 2013 by LoSasso
Categories: Content and SEO

Content marketing plays an important role in your B2B marketing strategy. With the right content, you can drive you business forward - creating new opportunities to connect to customers. Brian Davies, Managing Partner at Moveo Integrated Branding, developed these five laws concerning content:

1. The Law of Consumption: As the rate of content consumption increases, the value of fresh content increases.

Audience engagement increases when content is filled with new, real-time context and commentary. When faced with consumption choices, people will opt for the latest and most up-to-date information.

 2. The Law of Complexity: As the complexity of content increases, the challenge of managing it increases.

With such a high volume of content, managing its collective presentation in ways that create meaning and connect with the audience is more important than ever. The curator’s job is to strategically develop, select and place content in the appropriate vehicles and environments in order to engage the audience.

 3. The Law of Reputation:  As the number of content sources increases, the importance of source reputation increases. 

Sharing useful information continues to be a great way to build credibility and trust, but a strong brand is the best way of ensuring that content will not only be consumed, but valued.

4. The Law of Evolution: As technology improves, the production value of content goes up. 

Content produced using new technologies continues to evolve, which will increase message penetration and brand engagement.

5. The Law of Exchange: As the value of content increases, the value of what it is exchanged for increases.

The right content can indeed be a tool to drive business, but getting it “right” requires strategy. Look at all content through a brand/positioning lens. Thought leadership is essential in producing good content.