What piña coladas have to do with the most popular B2B content of 2015

Published December 16, 2015 5:29 pm by LoSasso

When it comes to creating top-performing content, certain objectives become fundamental motivators for success. A recent Uberflip and BuzzSumo webinar dove into 2015’s most popular B2B content trends to share marketing success stories curated throughout the year.

The main message: relevance, consistency and overall experience are key.

“I absolutely love piña coladas. But would I rather be sipping it in my backyard overlooking my neighbor’s laundry or would I rather be sipping on the beach in Hawaii?” Hana Abaza, Uperflip’s vice president of marketing, asks in the webinar. “The answer is obvious.”

It could be the exact same piña colada, Abaza continues, what matters is experience. And the same rule applies when it comes to making a difference and delivering engaging, sharable content.

Marketers in the B2B sphere face a troubling reality in that most content won’t be “top performing” but, Abaza adds, there is hope. Content creators have to remain mindful of setting realistic goals and keeping in mind what “top performing” means for a specific company.

Ultimately, one group dictates success: the audience. Understanding audience motivators, knowing why audience members will care and following through with audience-relevant content is what leads to shares.

Shares, in turn, increase visibility. So that when it comes to leveraging top-performing content, consistency and staying in line with goals is what will deliver the most memorable content your customers are craving to see.


Top-performing content in 2015

One article, published in June 2015 by Deloitte, came as the United State Supreme Court announced its landmark decision in favor of marriage equality. Garnering 10.1k shares, it claimed the No. 1 performing post spot for the multinational professional services firm. Steve Rayson, BuzzSumo director, cited it as a successful example of jumping on a hot social topic. Writing alongside trending topics, Rayson continued, can be more important than content quality itself in terms of driving extra traffic to a post.

Reference blogs and research reports, Rayson argues, are vital in the B2B community. Buffer’s social media study into scheduling Tweets, for example, reached 14.8k shares online and led to opportunities that stretch beyond shares. Research reports also lend themselves to versioning (an infographic for example) re-engaging the post’s original audience and leading to even more shares and increased visibility as a result.

Rayson went through different types of successful content, including how-to posts, case studies, research reports, quizzes, curations and others, always maintaining the importance of customer-driven content to meet audience expectations in marketing endeavors.

Watch the webinar to learn more.

Uberflip is a content marketing platform that curates blog articles, social media, videos, eBooks and other content forms on a responsive Hub.

BuzzSumo provides a tool to show how content performs online, breaking down performance by metrics.