The Content Strategist’s Workout Plan (eBook)

Published December 13, 2017 by

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You already know that digital content has become a crucial piece of the marketing puzzle. But knee-jerk requests from your colleagues, clients and supervisors don’t take into account the fact that competing in today’s content Olympics takes preparation, dedication and stamina. Not to worry: Unlike running the 100-meter dash in 10 seconds flat, winning at content is well within your reach.


With the straightforward, actionable exercises and tools in this workbook, you’ll learn how.

Intro: The Content Conundrum and how to conquer it

Workout 1: Discovery
Flexing your strategic muscles by surveying your objectives, audiences, current content landscape and more

Workout 2: Pre-Planning
Identifying content types, home bases and distribution channels FIRST for more powerful brainstorming

Workout 3: The Main Event
Ready? Set. Go! Concepting content and filling in a content matrix

Workout 4: Measurement and optimization
Stretch and repeat to enhance content performance


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