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New ebook: Pragmagic—The Key to Success in Today’s Complex Marketing Landscape

The secret sauce for success in today’s complex B2B marketing landscape isn’t so secret anymore.... Read More »

The Content Strategist’s Workout Plan (eBook)

Get straightfoward, actionable content planning and strategy exercises with this free download: The Content Strategist's Workout Plan.

FREE eBook: The evolution of events in the COVID-19 era 

Events are a critical part of the B2B process – driving business success and sales... Read More »

Social Media: LoSasso’s 2021 Predictions

Who really knows what 2021 holds? After 2020, we know it's hard to predict anything with strong certainty. Social media, in particular, is one to watch—here are three predictions we have for 2021.

Branding in the age of content marketing

Most people in marketing have known for several years that the nature of marketing has... Read More »

FREE eBook: B2B marketing in turbulent times: a playbook

We’ve had a lot on our mind regarding current events and our new reality. And... Read More »