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e-Resistible: A Guide to the Perfect Email Design, Part 1

Contrary to some sensational media reports in recent years past, email is NOT dead. Thanks... Read More »

Despite Google Search algorithm changes, SEO’s golden rule lives on

Late last week, Google announced one fairly major update to its search algorithm: that content with... Read More »

Facebook Timeline Tips and Best Practices For Brand Pages

Facebook Timeline for brand pages will be released on March 30th. Here are some best practices and tips to be prepared for the release.

Platform Wars: Where to focus your social media strategy?

The use of social media undeniably optimizes our connections both personally and professionally. These tools we have grown to love and utilize now seem to be working for us while we multitask across platforms. By simplifying the number of clicks we make suddenly Google, Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest all appear to be in cahoots with one another.

Essential to SEO: Reach, Relevance and ROI

If you haven’t thought about search engine marketing (SEM) or search engine optimization (SEO) yet, it’s time to jump onboard the search train. Think about some of the goals of your marketing campaigns – building awareness, boosting ROI, and increasing conversions. What do you think your company’s website is for?

Optimize for the Long-Tail Keyword

For a few years now, SEO practitioners and other online marketers have been stressing the importance of the long-tail keyword. If you have been focusing your efforts on trying to rank for one- or two-keyword phrases and haven't seen your site budge in the results, it's time to shift your focus to the long-tail.