Influencer marketing: 5 tips to make it authentic

If your company is looking to expand its presence on social media, it’s likely you’ll consider the use of influencers, or people with substantial online followings who can help extend […]

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The digital marketing strategy of America’s top trade shows

If you’re in the trade show business, you know that the biggest shows have MASSIVE physical footprints. But is their digital presence up to snuff? To find out, we dissected the online marketing practices of the top 50 U.S. trade shows.* Here’s what we uncovered.

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Steps to gamify your budget process to beat the competition

Budget is a common barrier to evolution, and in many organizations the annual budgeting process doesn’t challenge conventional thinking the way it should in today’s rapidly changing environment. We have an exercise that is a sure-fire way to get your management team thinking differently about next year’s marketing objectives.

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5 video optimization tips you can start using TODAY

When it comes to fortifying your brand and selling products or services, video adds a huge amount of value to your marketing mix. But with 300 hours of video being […]

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Tips to maximize engagement while live streaming

Livestreaming has become a social staple over the past several months. From events to webinars, a growing number of organizations are opting to add value to their marketing mixes by […]

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digital transformation in publishing

B2B buyers have changed, publishers need to catch up

I was recently a guest speaker at the 2018 Media Growth Summit in Chicago, where industry leaders from the b2b publishing industry gather to collaborate and learn. If you have […]

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