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The Big “Questions”: Facebook vs. LinkedIn

Facebook may have a serious following of 600 million worldwide but LinkedIn is the number... Read More »

QR Codes: Fading Fad or Trend with Teeth?

Two dimensional QR codes have been alive and abroad for several years and yet, the... Read More »

Social Media and Brand Image

Marketing 101 says that brand image is one of the most important aspects in building successful brands. It also says that brand presence is a key factor in ensuring a brand’s staying power. In today’s world of constant contact and brand presence via social media, do businesses have to sacrifice one to secure the other?

The Changing Role of Social Media in Business

Delta Air Lines recently announced that it would begin selling tickets through Facebook. Using “ticket windows”, the airline will allow customers to purchase tickets directly through the site. This is the first time an airline has made the move to allow consumers to buy tickets on the social media site rather than solely using the site as a means of promoting the brand...

The Location Based Social Media Bandwagon

Your neighbor is doing it. Your kids are doing it. Your brother is doing it. Your friends are doing it. But, most importantly, your customers are doing it. If your business hasn’t thought about getting involved with location based social media, you may want to start before you’re left behind. Location is becoming a huge part of...

B2B: Social Media Stats and Facts

n recent years social media platforms have revolutionized the way businesses connect with their target audiences. For the most part, B2C marketers have gotten most of the glory for their exciting and innovative social media programs, however some recent statistics show...