Writing tips for direct mail

Though today’s digitally-dominated world might have you thinking otherwise, direct mail is far from dead. In many cases, it can achieve a higher response rate than direct-response emails and other […]

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The new rules for publishers’ digital transformation

Over the last decade there’s been a strong shift in how people consume news. We’ve watched many transformations – from print, to online, to mobile, to social. And trend reports […]

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Millennials mean business

The face of B2B marketing is changing, and who is leading that change? Millennials. It is no surprise that the newest generation is ready to research, engage and buy—but is […]

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Know your niche

6 Tips to Help You Dazzle a Niche Audience with Your Words All it takes is a quick Google search and you’ll see that there is a TON of information […]

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Marketers in manufacturing—don’t ignore these audience insights

After more than 15 years and nearly as many clients in the manufacturing space, we’ve learned a thing or two about marketing to the industry’s machinists, engineers, operations managers and […]

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The Guerilla Guide to Customer Focus (eBook)

The LoSasso Guerilla Guide to Customer Focus contains simple ideas for a shoestring budget or tight timeline.

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