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How we’re hanging

The events of the last couple weeks have been heavy for all of us. We’re... Read More »

Demystifying marketing jargon part 2: marketing plan KPIs

As marketers, we throw around a lot of terms for processes, tactics, performance metrics and... Read More »

What we’re attending at B2B Ignite USA

We’re just a few days away from the B2B Ignite USA 2020 virtual conference on May... Read More »

Day in the life of a Digital Marketing Specialist

When it comes to optimizing and ensuring the success of our clients’ digital campaigns, there... Read More »

Emily Holle
Day in the life of an Art Director

Behind every website, print ad, brochure, digital campaign, infographic, video—we could go on forever—is a... Read More »

Day in the life of a web developer

Here at LoSasso, we offer our clients a full-service agency that addresses some of the... Read More »