The Workplace Part II: Spice up your daily routine with these inventive strategies to make the most of each day

Published March 26, 2012 2:04 pm by LoSasso
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When it comes to the daily grind there are many ways to mix up your routine and work space. Make your work day as interesting and exciting as possible. Remember:  you work with people so get to know them and establish a working rapport, your energy is contagious so spread positivity when you can and most importantly check in with yourself a few times a day.timer

Keep a timer at your desk. This has multiple uses and is a good way to monitor your time and stay on top of your work. For instance, some people find setting a timer helps them achieve tasks by staying focused and on point knowing they are racing against the clock rather than getting it done whenever they get to it. Also, it is highly recommended that for every fifty minutes spent sitting ten minutes should be spent standing, so set that timer and stand up! Try standing up for example when making phone calls. As long as it isn’t a disruption to others timers can be an extremely efficient way of managing your time and tasks.

Switch up your Feng Shui. If you don’t have a window for fresh air, keeping a small potted plant near by produces a regular and fresh supply of oxygen to the brain. Consider holding a “walking meeting” out of doors if the weather permits. Try reducing work space clutter on a regular basis to keep the flow free of negative energy. A small fish bowl can be considered therapeutic as something to look at other than your computer which is good for your eyes. In fact while you’re at it, fight “computer vision syndrome” by focusing your vision on something in the distance for a sustained period of time to battle eye cell degeneration. Rearranging your desk or office from time to time can help keep a fresh vibe for your thoughts and clients as well.

Stay Engaged. Often times due to the accessibility of technology we are either too lazy or busy making excuses to get out of our chair and deliver a message in person. Delivering a message in person is a good way to remind yourself to stand up occasionally and also promotes a face to face interaction with your co-workers. Exchanging a compliment or a few pleasantries is never a bad idea and serves a nice distraction to the work day as well.

Implementing a few of these workplace tactics are healthy and helpful ways to a more positive environment at the office. Managing a career can be a challenging task when it comes to being actively engaged. Leaving our health consciousness to our “personal” time outside the workplace will ultimately come at a heavy cost for a 40 hour/week worker. We owe it to ourselves, our co-workers and our jobs to manage our health with as much care as we do our most valued clients. Check in daily to remain hydrated, engaged, positive and healthy.