The Workplace Part I: How to pep up your daily routine and develop healthier habits

Published March 22, 2012 10:41 am by LoSasso
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A common work day includes time checks on a regular basis. Meetings, lunch, returning phone calls and other deadlines are set and achieved by the clock. Yet we often don’t take the time needed for ourselves that we require to stay healthy, happy and productive at work. If you are working a desk job 75% of your time is spent looking at a computer screen. While computers make our tasks streamlined and efficient, they are also making us more sedentary which contributes to health risks including cardiovascular disease, obesity and the hidden killer – stress. That’s why is important to eat right, get exercise and complement with some healthy products as kratom capsules. Here are some other several ways to overhaul your daily work routine.

Good Posture. Most of us are guilty of this but few of us realize it. Good posture not only makes you look good by presenting a healthy and confident stature but fights against certain spine related diseases and back issues. There are many ways to improve your posture, sitting on an exercise ball rather than an office chair which engages back and abdominal muscles is one good way. Another good adjustment is to simply make sure that the placement of your key board and monitor are at a comfortable setting in relation to your space to avoid leaning forward and craning your neck downward. Also, using a pillow or lumbar support for your lower back is important if an office chair is the only option.

Stay Hydrated. Hydration is extremely important within the workplace. Coffee, pop and other sugary drinks don’t count and in fact have the opposite effect on our bodies balance. Diuretics such as coffee create an acidic pH balance and cause hydration to be eliminated from the body rather than stored and used as needed. Often times our bodies confuse hunger and thirst so be sure to drink 2x the amount of water if consuming energy drinks and coffee. Accompany meals with water as well. One way to spice up your boring water routine can be to add freshly sliced lemons or limes to balance pH and enhance flavor. Be mindful of using a reusable water resource such as a glass or Nalgene rather than contributing to unnecessary waste with 12oz plastic water bottles which may contain BPA.

Promote Wellness. If it’s possible to avoid eating at your desk do so, touching your money, food, keyboard, mouse and phone while eating is extremely unhealthy and create a cesspool of bacteria likely worse than the company restroom. Wash your hands several times a day and keep sanitizer at your desk. Walk or ride your bike to work if it is possible. If it is not possible for alternative means of transportation then perhaps consider bringing your athletic shoes for a light jog during your lunch break. Taking a standing break every hour or two promotes blood flow to the brain and continuous circulation. Stretch as often as possible and when considering what to eat try packing a lunch. Save money and calories by managing your own meals which helps maintain weight and manage time. Eating every 4 hrs is important to keep metabolism up, and your mind and body fueled. Consider foods that are antioxidant rich in fighting free radicals in addition to nuts, fruits and veggies.