Power of independence

Published February 16, 2016 2:46 pm by Julia Parisot
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As I approach my 10th anniversary with LoSasso, I am inspired to reflect on the differentiating factors I enjoy from working for a privately owned agency. Before I joined the agency, I had experiences with employers whose parent company and internal stakeholders placed additional demands on business operations and decision-making.

At LoSasso, our focus is on embracing the ever-changing marketing landscape and understanding what we need to do to stay ahead of the curve as it relates to capabilities and solutions for our clients. When there is a request for investment from our team, or we recognize the need for a new capability or technology, we discuss it and make a decision. Done. That allows me and our employees to focus on our clients’ business needs and how to support their success rather than managing the additional business requirements or considerations that exist with another level of ownership.

I believe this benefits our clients in several ways:

  • We are a nimble partner; we can adapt to new needs more quickly
  • We make regular investments in training and our capabilities to ensure that we keep pace with a rapidly changing marketing environment
  • Our overhead is modest; we don’t have an equity partner to build into every estimate; plus, we’re located in the city so we attract great talent, but we are outside of the high-rent district
  • Our clients know our principles – our ownership team is in the trenches with us supporting us daily; they are available to our clients and staff as needed

We have made some important changes that have led to growth. We had 10 employees when I first started here and we now have close to 40 employees working together in our Ravenswood office. There is a true team spirit within our culture and we work to extend that into our client relationships as well.

So, as I reflect on 10 years, it gives me a renewed appreciation for being a part of a growing team that is in control of its destination and optimistic about the challenges ahead.