Moving forward in a world of “no”

Published November 20, 2015 4:03 pm by LoSasso

“This is not a story about drawings. This is a story about one word full of inspiration: No!”

The above quote comes from a TED Talk that I recently watched and found incredibly relatable to the work we do here at LoSasso. The creative genius and award-winning Bezalel Art Academy graduate from Jerusalem, Gideon Amichay, has an important message to share about working toward the future of an idea after it is rejected.

Amichay begins at the start of what would become a six-year journey of trying to fulfill his dream of getting a cartoon published in The New Yorker. His story, as you can imagine, was filled with an overwhelming amount of “no” responses and only a few, but important, instances of acceptance.

Often, in the agency world, we are inundated with rejection—from colleagues and clients alike; that, I’m sure you don’t have to imagine, can be discouraging. Amichay, book author and chief creative at one of the leading advertising agencies in Israel, points out that at least at the beginning of his career, he saw every “no” as the end—often marked with a period or exclamation point.

But, as Amichay came to understand, “no” is just a part of life. And often, as Amichay adds at the crux of his argument, a “no” comes with a comma:

  • No, keep trying.
  • No, we don’t have the time.
  • No, we don’t have the budget.
  • No, can we see another option?

The most important thing is to explore and discover what you are dealing with, because in reality every “no,” has the potential to become a “yes.” You just have to find it first. Sometimes when we share a message or idea with our colleagues or clients, it doesn’t resonate the first time around. A simple shift in presentation can make all the difference. When we align ourselves with the goals/objectives of others, we often are able to find the “yes.”