Keeping your cool when the only thing that’s consistent is inconsistency

Published May 10, 2016 8:54 pm by LoSasso

If you’ve ever worked in marketing or advertising, you will probably agree with me when I say that no two days are the same, and that the only thing that remains consistent is inconsistency. However, having worked in account management for agencies across multiple industries, I’ve learned that regardless of the company or the client you’re supporting, the same fundamentals and best practices are required in order to be a rockstar account executive every day.

As a member of any account management team, it is essential to remain organized and level-headed through it all, even when things are coming at you from all angles. Serving as the liaison between your client and your team of creative geniuses, it’s up to you to set the stage, manage realistic expectations, and make sure things happen. Whether it’s a quick copy change on a microsite, or making sure that email blast gets sent out TODAY, your role is to keep the team on-target, prioritized and fully aware of what’s coming around the bend. Which brings me to my next point…

While it may seem obvious, stellar communication—both internal and external—is vital in any account management role, because, let’s be honest, communicating makes up just about 90 percent of your day. Taking the time to craft careful and thoughtful correspondence ensures things gets done right the first time, as opposed to spinning the wheels and wasting everyone’s time. A thorough, hands-on explanation of how your client’s new website functions is more meaningful than just emailing screenshots and letting the client figure it out. Knowing what can be accomplished with a simple email as opposed to a conversation that requires an in-person re-group is what makes a smart account person.

Along the same lines of effective communication, building strong relationships with your clients and internal team will set you up for account management success. Your clients are depending on you to be their champion and they should have as much trust in you as you have in your internal team. I’ve learned that complete transparency with your clients and the work that you are doing with them will take you far. After all, you both want the same thing, which is to create effective marketing solutions and to see their business succeed.

Finally, the most essential part of being an effective account team member is to expect the unexpected. Yes, timelines must be created, due-dates met and budgets forecasted—and adhered to—but there there is no way to anticipate every single bump in the road or the changes in scope that you will ultimately meet. As the point person for your team and for your client, it’s your job to digest the complex challenges to provide the best solution, whatever it takes. As long as you remain level-headed, stay organized, utilize effective communication and continue to build upon your strong relationships, you’ll make account management look like a piece of cake.