How to use corporate social responsibility in a profit-focused world

Published October 2, 2018 by

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Corporate social responsibility (CSR) is more than just a marketing tactic to increase profits, it’s a way to make a difference in people’s lives and the world. Major companies have made huge steps to show care for communities and the world.

Warby Parker has created its Buy-A-Pair, Give-A-Pair program for its glasses, Amazon’s Go Gold program is helping fight childhood cancer and Google has become the largest corporate renewable energy purchaser in the world.

Check out these ways your company can amp up its CSR efforts and use its resources and marketing powers for good.


  • Good piece. While consumers should maintain a level of skepticism about CSR-related promotional claims generally, they should also continue to demand CSR from brands as a reflection of corporations' culpability to give back to the environment and communities from which they profit.
    by: Nese Nasif on 2018-10-19 11:31:27

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