Fuel the vision and ignite the passion

Published January 9, 2017 3:36 pm by Mark Hollingsworth

Establishing a great company culture is a deep desire for many business owners. This starts with establishing clearly defined core values that are understood and embraced by all employees. Having a clear set of core values that the business operates under allows certain freedoms to grow and exist. Employees do not need to guess if decisions they are making line up with management; rather it empowers employees to take ownership and move forward with decisions both internally and for clients and customers. When core values become part of the fabric of the organization, they help drive every business decision.

At LoSasso we’ve established our core values, and they are the foundation of our culture. We truly live them out in every aspect of our business. Our core values are our PACT – Passion, Accountability, Creative Insight and Team Focus. They are a key part of our internal culture and have become integral in the way we operate with all our clients. Curating our culture is an ongoing task that requires management to stay focused and lead by example. One of the key ways we engage our employees to adapt and grow within our culture is through our quarterly Vision & Culture meetings.

Our quarterly Vision & Culture meetings typically begin mid-afternoon and go through dinner. Sharing a meal and drink together at the meeting play a role in fostering our culture further. We have three main goals for our Vision & Culture meetings.

  • First, share our vision. We cast a vision for the direction our agency is going. We do this by sharing current trends in marketing and their relevancy to our business. We fuel the vision by reinforcing where we are going and how far we have come, letting all employees know that they are the change agents in our organization.
  • Second, operational optimization and transparency. We share how the business is doing by reviewing financial information and how we are performing against our pre-established KPIs. We regularly request feedback and ideas from our employees to help grow and improve our culture.
  • Third, ignite the passion. Our client teams share relevant work we are currently doing for our clients or recently completed projects and how they impacted our clients’ business. This generates ideas for helping our clients meet growth, marketing and communication targets in the future.

Being part of such a phenomenal culture is an exciting privilege, and it shows to our clients. When you’ve correctly identified your core values and have built a team that lives them out, your clients and prospects will see it and love it. People enjoy working with companies who know who they are and what they are about. What are your organization’s core values and is your culture thriving today?