Falling in love with marketing

Published February 11, 2016 3:44 pm by LoSasso
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Love, flowers, chocolate, blah blah blah …

Valentine’s Day is quickly approaching and love is in the air at LoSasso – a love for marketing, that is.

Here at LoSasso you can feel the passion that every single person has for marketing. It is not only a part of our core values (Passion, Accountability, Creative insight and Team focus) – it is who we are.

I discovered my love for marketing in my junior year of college when I took my first marketing class (after changing my major four times). My professor was a very funny and energetic guy who had worked in the industry most of his career – his passion and excitement really inspired me to pursue a career in marketing. Account Executive Natasa Milisav had a very similar experience in her junior year of college during an integrated marketing class. Her professor was young and hip and very quickly became (and still is) Natasa’s inspiration for a career in the marketing field.

Two other LoSassins discovered their passion for marketing through some pretty cool experiences they had in college. During his senior year, Online Marketing Specialist Ben Lippert’s love for the industry grew after he attended Advertising Week in New York City. He was able to tour some of the top agencies and hear top industry professionals and brand evangelists speak – including Mike Rowe from Dirty Jobs. Account Executive Amanda Klapper knew the marketing world was for her in her advertising class where she had to create a marketing campaign for Svedka vodka.

For some, it wasn’t until after they had graduated that they found their calling. Content Strategist, Sr. Copywriter Jada Cash fell in love with marketing after transitioning from the PR side to the creative side. Jada also notes that after having her son, her love for her career was reinforced – she loves being a mother and wife, but having something else is important to her, too. Accounting and Finance Manager Rebecca King found her passion after landing a job at an agency where the owner was an amazing woman who left a lasting impact on her.

At a very young age Account Executive Paige Dolton fell in love with marketing while watching the Super Bowl with her family. She was captivated not by the football, but by the ads.

While we all have different stories and experiences that led us here – we share the same passion for marketing. It is something that we truly cherish here at LoSasso and it is something that sets us apart.

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