Chicago Advertising Agencies: Choosing the one that’s right for you

Published August 15, 2013 5:23 pm by LoSasso

Chicago advertising agencies face stiff competition. The city is filled with talented and forward thinking agencies looking to expand their business. So how does an agency stand out? How do you find an agency with skills to match your needs?

For a potential client, the process of hiring an agency can be confusing and frustrating. The process is made more difficult if objectives, budgets, or timelines are unclear. But even if projects are clearly defined, how does a client find an agency to make it happen?

The most important factor is finding an advertising agency that can deliver exactly what you need. Look for an advertising agency that has experience in your industry. Agencies build on previous experience to produce marketing initiatives that are likely to perform well in the industry. In fact, many firms intentionally specialize in a few specific verticals in order to finesse their expertise thereby being more valuable to their clients.

In addition to employing bright minds, the best Chicago advertising agencies know how to nurture a positive relationship with their clients. Effective advertising campaigns are created through mutual efforts of the client and agency—working together towards one goal. Regardless of what the campaign objectives are, the agency needs to be able to anticipate, understand and solve challenges that pop up. When done well, the result is a smooth, positive experience for the client.

So how do advertising agencies in Chicago differentiate themselves from each other? Some claim experience in specific industries. Others focus on specific capabilities, such as video production, print media or digital marketing. Some even develop custom reporting tools to enhance their service offerings.

At LoSasso, we pride ourselves on being a strategic partner for our clients. Our talented staff produces strong content and has a modern approach to building brands and customer relationships.  We have a strong base of experience in several industries including metalworking, manufacturing, agriculture and construction. However, we’re not limited to those verticals and we always love a challenge. To find out how we can help your business do better, give us a call.

-Alex Fusman, PPC & SEO Specialist