Building Your Personal Brand through Social Media Sites

Published June 30, 2009 2:00 am by LoSasso
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Whether you are looking for a job or hoping to gain new clients, having a strong online reputation is vital in today’s market.

“The Lighter Side of eVisibility” – Reputation Management Gets Hot

Plugging information into the search engines has quickly become one of the first steps people use when researching products, companies or individuals.

Managing your name in the search engines is a great way to develop your brand online.

With an estimated 70.2 million unique visitors per month in the United States according to comScore, Facebook is a veritable goldmine for reputation management.

One of the easiest and most powerful ways to manage your online reputation is to create profiles on social media sites.

It takes less time and effort than developing your own site, and well-known domains like Facebook already have high-authority in the search engines so your profile will rank higher, faster.

The three social media sites you should be on are Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook. These are high-traffic sites that can greatly increase your visibility in the search engines.

These sites give you the option to personalize your username and URL, which helps you to manipulate your rankings in the search engines.

You can do this by choosing a username that contains the key words you want to promote. These key words can range from your company name to your personal name—depending on what commodity you are managing.

Simply creating a profile with keyword rich content isn’t enough though. In order to build your personal brand, you have to engage the online communities on these sites. This involves monitoring and participating in the conversations.

Monitoring community feedback on your brand is essential to reputation management because people won’t always have good things to say about your brand.

Check out Outspoken Media’s Online Reputation Management Guide. It lays out easy and effective ways to monitor social media and protect your brand.

Summary: People are searching you whether you are aware of it or not, take advantage of sites like Facebook and Twitter because you only have one online reputation, shouldn’t you be the one controlling it?