Blogworthy Sandwich Meat

Published February 5, 2009 8:05 am by LoSasso

Oscar Mayer recently ran this full-page ad in Newsweek.


It seems to be working.

Many bloggers are asking why the company would run an ad aimed at Generation X in Newsweek, a magazine read by the older crowd.

Think about it. It wasn’t aimed at Generation X at all. Words like “blogworthy,” are thrown around like crazy in publications made for younger readers, who rarely raise a brow. The ad probably came as a surprise to the Newsweek readers, who are more familiar with ads for phone companies, health care, and higher education. (And who doesn’t love surprises?)

But, more importantly, it also may have caused a chuckle…perhaps even a momentary feeling of hip-ness. This ad leads me to the painful memories of my father proudly learning the chorus to “Who Let the Dogs Out,” and singing it whenever my friends came over. The Newsweek readers are proud of themselves for getting the joke, and they’re blogging to prove their coolness.

Nonetheless, I do find it surprising that Oscar Mayer didn’t take this as an opportunity to mention their own blog: The Hotdogger Blog, where many delight in following the Wienermobile’s journey across America. The classic company has filled the company with new media like Twitter, Flickr, and Google maps. I even found a beautiful collection of desktop backgrounds!

Who would have thought Oscar Mayer would be such a leader in the new media revolution?

Hmm…Perhaps I’ll teach my dad how to download an MP3 next time I see him. I haven’t heard the Oscar Mayer song in forever.