Contagious Ideas: Contributing To What We Consume

Published June 8, 2011 10:00 am by Jessica Schanta
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Seth Godin, marketing guru and blogger gave a TEDTalk back in 2003 called Seth Godin on standing out“.

Godin describes what he calls “doing something at the fringes.” In a world with too much choice, boring ideas are not going to sell. Marketers must figure out who cares and sell to the people who are listening. Ideas that spread are innovative and engaging.

The best ideas are easy to understand, remember, and re-tell.

Take an old idea and fit it into a new structure by reinventing products or solutions to make it “remarkable”. Godin uses the example that if you are driving down the street and you see a cow, it’s nothing exciting or different.  If that cow is purple, that is something to notice. To create change, we need ideas that are effective and relatable.

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Ideas that are personalized get our attention.

Mass marketing must be differentiated so that marketers reach the consumers who are listening. People share content because it is relevant to them. The more information is shared, the greater the exchange of value. If I like a product, I’m going to tell my friends about it and vice versa. Marketers use emotions to create a personal experience for the consumers.

Ideas worth spreading need credibility.

B2B marketers need to define the compelling ideas that will attract their target audience. Marketers establish themselves as thought leaders by building trusted relationships with consumers. The goal is to understand what consumers want and give it to them. If you want content to be spread, the simplest way is to ask consumers to spread it.