Branding at its Best

Published January 6, 2011 10:32 am by Jada Cash

1124847_20524973When it comes to capturing the essence of a company, product or service, there are no shortcuts. Branding can be one of the more nebulous tasks a marketer will ever take on. Hence the reason so few brands are truly transcendent (Apple, Nike and Disney, to name a few).

Before you crumble under the pressure, take a deep breath and check out this post from CopyBlogger. It’s a lot to digest, and it won’t negate exhausting three-hour brainstorming sessions or endless rounds of client/customer interviews (you still have to do the legwork!); but, by categorizing 125 branding tips among five concise commands, the post makes the branding process seem immeasurably less daunting.

There’s no magic formula, but one thing’s for sure: The deeper you dive into the three C’s (company/client; customers; competition), the closer you’ll be to the bull’s-eye.

Any genius branding tips, tricks or stories you care to share? What are your favorite brands and what do you think makes them successful?